Want To Stick To Your Exercise Routine?

 Don't Work Out. Play!

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My Dirty Little Secret

I'm well aware that most of you don't know who I am. The few of you, that have heard of me, know me as a musician.

Well, here's something that very few people know about me. A lifetime ago, I earned a college degree in Exercise Physiology. Upon graduation, I was lucky enough to land a job in my chosen field, the fitness industry. I'd like to begin this piece by telling you about the day I decided to leave that career.

Hershey, PA. I was working as a trainer at a racquetball and fitness center. I had been there about 6 months the day I witnessed two gentlemen literally fighting over the parking space nearest the entrance to the building, all so they could come inside and hop on the stair climbers.

That was it. Now, mind you, while this was just one incident, it was indicative of everything I had learned about the industry during my brief time on the inside. I was being paid to train people who were doing something they hated. Something they thought they had to do. They were unhappy and there was no way they were going to sustain any sort of exercise routine.


I’m Not Right In The Head

I truly love running. Now, about 85% of the population would call me crazy, for making such a statement, but it's true. I love the solitude, the quiet and the way it makes me feel. I also get some of my best creative ideas during a run.

My wife loves to do a work out based on the Lagree method. Basically, it's like Pilates times 10. It's definitely kicked my butt, the few times I've attempted to work out with her!

Some people, like us, really enjoy working out. They love to lift weights, or do yoga, or Cross-fit. This article isn't for those people, or me, or my wife. This article is for the people I trained during my short time in the industry. This article is for the people who know they need more exercise. It's for the people who have no idea where to start and only know that they absolutely despise working out.

This is for all the people at whom I wanted to shout, 'Don't pay to come here and be miserable! Go outside and play!'


Remember Play?

Yes, my friend. You don't need to work out to be healthy. Just play!


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See this photo? That's me with the crazy ups. I love basketball. I absolutely suck at it, but I love to play.

Maybe you also like to play basketball. Go play! Do it a few times a week. You don't need to join a league or find a pick up game. Just go out, behind the garage, and play. Run and dribble and shoot and rebound. Just keep moving. Get that heart rate up for a half hour or so. You're playing and you're having fun, but you're also getting the exercise that is so important to your health, well-being, and longevity!

You played soccer, as a child, didn't you? Maybe it's just where I grew up, but it sure seemed like every child played, if only for a year or two. Anyway, remember how much fun it was? Find a ball. Find a good-sized patch of grass and chase that ball around for a bit. Heck, you can even slice up some oranges to eat during your short, halftime break!

Like to ride your bike? Go for it. Just keep those pedals moving!

Lace up those roller skates. Alright, maybe I’m a bit old school. Lace up those inline skates. Slap on some headphones. Be mindful of traffic and have at it!

How about dancing? Of course you love to dance. Do that, and then do it some more! Check out my blog post, on dancing, here.

Golf? Oh yeah! Just leave that electric cart at the clubhouse.

I live in Colorado, so I'm required to include this one. Hiking? Absolutely. Get out there.


Have Fun and Keep Moving (and Have Fun)

We all need exercise. It's good for our bodies. It's great for our minds.

You need to exercise, but you don't need to work out.

Go play!

Go do something that you actually enjoy and do it a few times a week. Keep moving and have fun.


That's an exercise routine you can stick to!

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