Story Time

Ages 0-7

Join Bradley as he reads various classic children's stories and performs songs that tie directly to the theme of each story. Children will find inspiration and creativity in each story, and will also be encouraged to become storytellers themselves!


History of Musical Instruments

Ages 3-7

Bradley will bring various instruments such as the acoustic guitar, resonator, ukulele, harmonica and autoharp for featured performances. He will also provide a brief history of each instrument including origin, popular styles of music in which each instrument is used, and even discuss some popular songs and performers who use them.


Songwriting Through the Years

Ages 3-7

Bradley will perform a mix of original and cover/traditional tunes and touch on important songwriters throughout history, such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. He will also perform a few kid-friendly selections from their collection. Bradley will also educate on reasons and inspiration for writing songs, such as songs for working, play, learning and relationships that provide important lessons to today's child.


Write a Song

Ages 4-8

Bradley will perform both original and traditional children's songs to both entertain and educate children on various types of song structure. He will then work with children to write their own song, guiding them through choosing a subject matter, writing a 'hook', structure of the song and title. Once completed, a recording will be made of the song and make available to the children either through a parent email list or directly to the library.


Super Fun Concert

Ages 0-8

Bradley can also perform a full concert of original and traditional songs with no specific theme in mind. He gets everyone involved whether it's singing along, acting out the songs, or making a ruckus with various percussive instruments!



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