Sing Me A Story

Sing Me A Story

So, I started writing this song over a year ago & I finally had time to record it. Sing Me A Story is a fantastic non-profit, out of Nashville, that partners with other non-profits who help children in need. These children, from throughout the world, submit stories & pictures to Sing Me A Story. Songwriters can search through these stories & bring them to life in a song.

I found a story, written by a 6 year old named Noah, to be particularly song-worthy. Noah (who is probably 8 by now!) was at a place called Gilda's Club, in Nashville. *Gilda's Club is a support center for anyone affected by any type of cancer, including family members.

So, please check out Sing Me A Story & all of their wonderful partners. Also, check out my song & if you enjoy it, please donate. A donation as small as $1 gets you a free download of 'Lots of Dinosaurs'. 

Thank you Noah. I hope you like the song.


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