Is My Child Old Enough to Learn Guitar?

How to know if they are ready to play.




This will probably be the shortest blog I've ever written, but I want to address a question I am asked quite often.

When parents learn that I am a guitar instructor, they inevitably will pose the question, 'How do I know if my child is ready to learn the guitar?'

Determining this is actually quite simple. Are you ready for this? You only need to ask yourself two questions.


Question #1

'Has my child expressed an interest in learning the guitar?'

Simple, right? Just like with most things in life, if your child hasn't decided (on their own) that they want to play guitar, then they are probably not ready to start. If your child has been 'bugging you' constantly about wanting to learn guitar, then you should definitely move on to question number two!


Question #2

'Is my child big enough to hold the guitar?'

Luckily, guitars come in many shapes and sizes, so if your child is excited to learn and you've found a guitar that they can hold, then you are good to go!


There it is. If your child WANTS to learn and you find them a size-appropriate guitar, it's time for the magic to begin!


The other suggestion, I would make, is to learn the guitar WITH your child. Come on, admit it. You've always wanted to learn the guitar anyway! What better time than now. Learn with them, or if you want them to think you are a real rock star, learn one week ahead of them!

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