Dance With Your Child

Dance with your child. Dance with your child every day.

"Dancing is the most fun you can have. That is a scientific fact! I'm not sure if y'all knew that, so I'm telling ya now."

This is the line with which I begin almost all of my children's shows. While it may not be completely accurate & I've conducted no actual scientific research, it gets a good laugh & always gets at least a few kids up and moving before the music even begins!


It's really not that difficult to get children to dance. They love to dance & will do so at almost every opportunity. Dancing is one of the purest and most natural forms of expression with which we are born. Watch any baby when music hits their tiny ears. They feel the rhythm. Their arms and legs begin to move. That is dancing in its purest form; moving to the rhythm of the music.

My 1 ½ year old son loves to dance. He's been dancing since before he could walk. If there is music anywhere within earshot, he will dance. He will often dance even when there is no music to be heard. He gets me to dance & that is an incredibly difficult thing to do. (You can ask my wife for verification.)


You see, as easy as it is to get children to dance, adults are an entirely different story. We were all born loving to dance. I truly believe that. At some point, or in many points throughout our lives, most of us have been made to fear dancing. Most of us have been made to feel that dancing is something we should be embarrassed about or ashamed to do in public situations. For proof of this, just watch the huge number of people being literally dragged onto any wedding reception dance floor.

We feel that if we dance we will be judged & honestly, we probably will, but just keep this in mind. Those who judge the dancers or laugh & poke fun are really just projecting their insecurities onto others. These people wish they had the courage to express themselves. They miss the child-like joy & to say they are jealous would be a gross understatement.

This is extremely sad, but what is even more sad is that, if we let it, the same thing will eventually happen to our children. This is the world in which we live. Sorry this has taken a negative turn, but I just want to face facts & prepare you for the inevitable.


That being said, here is something I want you to do.

Dance with your child. Dance with your child every day. Dance the silliest dance you can think of. Share the joy of dancing, free of ego & modesty. Show your child that dancing is not only acceptable but very much encouraged. Let your child feel the joy of expression & movement. Let them do so with abandon!

There is a very popular expression that you've, no doubt, heard in countless memes, inspirational quotes & barroom toasts. 'Dance like no one is watching.' While I certainly understand the sentiment behind this & I fully agree with the meaning, I would like to suggest a slight twist. 'Dance like your children are watching.' You are the hero. You are the role model. You are the trendsetter. You are their world.


Dance & show them it's okay. Dance and share the joy. Teach them to express themselves without fear or shame or worrying that others may judge them.

Dance like your children are watching, because they are! They are watching you. They are watching your every move & they are learning from you. What they learn is completely up to you.

Dance with your child. Dance with your child every day.

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