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Welcome to your new home for 'Family-Friendly Music!'

Bradley Weaver has been a working musician for over 25 years. He even toured the country for 7 years as the lap steel player for outlaw country band 'Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts!' However, for the past decade, his focus has been on creating & performing  positive, family-friendly tunes, as well as teaching others to do the same.

Why don't you just say, 'Children's Music?'

Bradley is well aware that, when children are listening to 'their' music, the parents are also listening. His goal has been to create music written for children, but with parents in mind. His lyrics provide fun lessons for children over music that parents won't mind listening to over & over & over...

Bradley has released 2 full family-friendly albums 'Songs for Shirley (& other children)' & 'Let's Make Some Music.' and the EP 'All the Colors You've Got Inside!'

He has also released 2 EP's of lullabies; 2018's  'Lullabies for Hank.' and his latest release (available June 3, 2022) 'Lullabies for Max Vidal.'

Bradley has also created two coloring books, based on his songs, 'Fill the World With Color!' and 'A Home For Every Creature.'

Bradley's latest creative outlet is the podcast  'Bradley Weaver's Family Fun Club.'

The Live Show

Bradley combines his knowledge as a music instructor & over 25 years as a performing artist to provide a fun, dynamic & interactive show for children of all ages.

You can expect sing-a-longs of all the traditional favorites, as well as more contemporary Family Friendly tunes. Bradley also includes positive songs from his original albums.

Bradley brings several instruments to the performance including guitar, ukulele, resonator, auto-harp & harmonicas. He uses the performance to entertain, as well as educate young people about music.


Bradley has released his first guitar instruction book, 'Let's Play Guitar!' It was written as a guide for children and their parents to learn together. He has also created the 'Let's Play Guitar Course,' packaging the book with audio and video guidance.

If you are interested in learning to play the ukulele or looking to join a community of like-minded players and improve your skills, please visit Bradley's Ukulele Club.

Bradley is also available for online lessons in guitar, ukulele & songwriting.

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