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 1.      ‘Write A Song’

       -Bradley will perform various children’s songs (original & traditional) to both

      entertain & educate the children on various types of song structure.

       -Bradley will then work with the children to write a song. He will guide them

      through picking subject matter, writing a ‘hook’, structure of the song, & title.

       -A recording will be made of the song & it will be made available to the children

      through the school/library.


 2.      ‘Songwriting Through the Years’

-Bradley will perform a mix of original & cover/traditional tunes.

-he will touch on important songwriters throughout history, such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan & Neil Young, & perform kid friendly selections from their catalogues.

-he will also touch on reasons & inspiration for writing songs, such as songs for working, songs for play, relationships, & even songs for learning (gasp!).


 3.      ‘Story Time’

-Bradley will read various classic children’s stories & perform songs that tie in with the theme of each story.

-he will also use the stories to inspire creativity in the children & encourage them to become story tellers.


 4.      ‘History of Musical Instruments’

-Bradley will bring various instruments such as the Acoustic Guitar, Resonator, Ukulele, Harmonicas & the Autoharp.

-He will perform songs featuring each instrument & give a brief history of each including origin, popular styles of music in which it is used & some popular songs & performers who used the instrument.


 5.      ‘Super Fun Concert’

-Bradley can also perform a full concert featuring original songs & traditional favorites with no specific theme in mind.

-He gets everyone involved, whether it’s singing along, acting out the songs, or making a ruckus with various percussion instruments.

-He may even sneak in a little music education amid all the fun!



-Of course, Bradley can also tailor a program using any combination of the above. Just ask.


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